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Our objective is to provide the most up to date information available about OLED (organic light emitting diode) uses and developments, especially as they pertain to the motor vehicle industry.

OLED lights are a very promising technology by which the standards for electrical power in all kinds of vehicles may change in a major way very soon.  With constant developments and progressions in the field, we may see more and more uses for the technology becoming known.  As it is now, the OLED technology is being hailed as an excellent way to provide exceptionally efficient power to vehicles for lighting, display panels and more.  There are already some OLED lighting panels in use and some electronics manufacturers are employing the technology in their new products.

We intend to keep you up to date on the developments of OLED and their applications as well as maintain the information available about them.

This site is still growing, so please stop in often to see what’s new and to check out our new features as they are added.  We are very open to your feedback and welcome your comments, so please feel free to contact us!

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